Challenging behaviour in the classroom requires a new approach than has been traditionally taught. Become informed about the effects of trauma and stress on the brain and help your students access learning and yourself enjoy teaching again..…

We can assist in helping schools and teachers access strategies and resources to help their challenging pupils be able to settle and learn. Challenging children have traditionally been perceived as being negative, disrespectful, disobedient, ‘hard to reach’ and sometimes aggressive, violent or ‘out of control’.
With the resources we offer, you'll find out how to change all of this and put an end to the negative cycle. It's just a matter of providing the right TOOLBOX of TECHNIQUES and STRATEGIES to support these children. 
Denise and Zach are also able to offer packages of support to families which include Family attachment work (incorporating DDP and Theraplay techniques), Life Story support work, telephone or Skype coaching calls, Parenting Support, Individual counselling for family members.

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