Secure your places on The Great Behaviour Breakdown 3 Day Parent Training on 20th Jan, 27th Jan and 10th Feb 2018 and Professional 2 day training on 5th and 6th Feb 2018

Delivered as a 1-3 day Programme  

The Great Behaviour Breakdown is a ground-breaking parenting approach that has helped even the most difficult of family situations find stability and healing. Be supported by a group of parents/carers who understand how difficult parenting can be! The ‘Great Behaviour Breakdown’ technique has helped families find the strategies that they have been looking for after years of ‘trying everything and nothing worked’…

Overall Goals of the Training

Adoptive / foster parents or parents of children with ASD or ADHD or whose children have suffered abuse or trauma require specialist knowledge and skills in order to parent successfully and maintain their own and their children’s emotional and physical well-being.
This training programme acknowledges the importance of educating parents to enhance their parenting skills in order to meet their child’s needs adequately. It will help families shift away from anger and blame, frustration, and /or hopelessness into a place of understanding, compassion and love. 
This training focusses on the parent-child relationship and helps parents/carers create environments for their children which are safe and conducive to building strong love-based attachment relationships.
There is a strong emphasis on taking the material from this course and applying it to the parenting task- putting the principles into action.

Days 1-3 

Particular behaviours will be thought about in the context of the stress model and strategies will be modelled and rehearsed through discussion, video clips and role-play: These will include: 
Lying, Stealing, Hoarding and Gorging/ Food issues
Aggression, Defiance and Battle for Control
Transitions- Bedtimes. Bath times
Lack of Eye Contact/Conscience and Social skills
Sexualized Behaviours, Self-Harm

We also offer these follow on 1-day Trainings:
- Managing Siblings
- Parenting Teenagers
- Therapeutic and Sensory Play Techniques
- Managing Challenging Behaviour in school 
As well as our
 2 day Parenting Autism training...  
Please contact us for further details of these innovative trainings which offer techniques and strategies and a TOOLBOX for parents and professionals.. 

Denise and Zach are also able to offer packages of support to families which include Family attachment work (incorporating DDP and Theraplay techniques), Life Story support work, telephone or Skype coaching calls, Parenting Support, Individual counselling for family members.

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