Professionals: Secure your place on the 3 day training on 23rd - 25th November 2018 in Central London or the 2 day training in Cork, Ireland on 10th-11th November 2018

There is always a group of children and young people who do not seem to respond to traditional Parenting Models or to interventions from Child and Adolescent Mental Health services or who not seem to settle in School.. common interventions can often appear to be inadequate and ineffective and leave practitioners and parents at a loss of how to effect change…

As a professional working in the child mental health field or in school or child care services, and working with children who have been affected by trauma or attachment disruption or a disabilityy, being able to offer effective resources and a TOOLBOX to families dealing with challenging behaviour is a must!....Gaining an understanding of the stress model underpinning The Great Behaviour Breakdown with its links to neuroscience, helps us to learn the most effective strategies and techniques to employ.

We offer similar trainings to both parents and professionals, as well as either an introductory day, a 2 day programme or the full 3 or 4 day training package.
Denise and Zach can be commissioned to run bespoke Parent and Professional 1-4 day trainings on The Great Behaviour Breakdown and can offer packages of support to Individuals, Parent-Child and/or Family Therapy (incorporating DDP, Theraplay  and Lifestory Work), Parent online Skype coaching calls, and online, telephone or face to face supervision of Professionals.
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