Parents: Secure your places on The Great Behaviour Breakdown 3 Day Parent Training on 20th Jan, 27th Jan and 10th Feb 2018

If you're a parent raising a child with challenging behaviour, you probably feel like you have tried everything and nothing works?!
We know how that feels…
As parents too we’ve lived it and know what its like to wake up not knowing what to do next; that's why we are so passionate about the Great Behaviour Breakdown approach…it has literally changed our lives….

If you've tried ‘traditional’ parenting (consequences, reward charts, time out on the naughty step) you already know that your child’s behaviour doesn't change and if you find yourself repeating the same thing over and over again, then Live life and Love Healing offers you a new approach and a TOOLBOX of TECHNIQUES and STRATEGIES to support in your parenting journey. This model for parenting is backed by neuroscience and is proven to help families find the answers that they have been looking for after years of "trying everything and nothing worked.”
Denise and Zach are also able to offer packages of support to families which include Family attachment work (incorporating DDP and Theraplay techniques), Life Story support work, telephone or Skype coaching calls, Parenting Support, Individual counselling for family members.

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